Basil then enlists Manuel to assist with a ladder outside the hotel so he can probe Johnson’s window, but instead positions the ladder inaccurately and finds himself facing the Abbotts, who stare back bemused. Kurt Quote [The chef Kurt is drunk and Gourmet night is imminent]: Why don’t you syringe the doughnuts out of your ears and get some sense into that dormant organ you keep hidden in that rat’s maze of yours? Andrew Sachs left played bumbling waiter Manuel right. When Manuel fails to reciprocate, Kurt gets blink drunk putting “Gourmet Night” into jeopardy. Basil becomes determined to catch her, as he cannot prove it to anyone else. Mr Johnson’s friendly elderly mother.

Chubby and plain, strict but highly efficient nurse. Kelly’s taste of freedom: Basil hypocritically curses Morris’ snobbish behaviour. Mrs Johnson goes back inside. Actor says he’s ‘single’ That’s all I’ll need, unless you’d care to join me? Basil tells the Lloyds to leave, but then has to back-track when Sybil informs him of the situation.

Again, he hears a door open and jumps on someone he thinks is the woman, only to discover he has accosted Raylene and left large handprints on her top over her breasts.

Arthur is a pipe-smoker married to Virginia, another guest at the Fawltys fifteenth wedding anniversary. The Abbots descend downstairs with the husband making a professional remark on Basil’s behavior “there’s enough material there for an entire conference.

He towerd pretends to be “checking the walls”. The Psychiatrist 26 Feb 9. Now even more horrified he rushes back into the dining room but the Abbotts have gone.

No I’m afraid not, she mustn’t have any excitement.

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He memorably played Fawlty Towers guest Mr Hutchinson, a spoon salesman who Basil became convinced was a hotel inspector. Links Links to other Fawlty Towers Sitesand other great comedy sites.

Successful restaurateur and possibly kitchen taskmaster judging by how he barks at one of his staff. Manuel speaks over the psychistrist with the absent Basil who gets increasingly annoyed with the confused Spaniard. Mrs Chase bores her fellow guests with long dreary anecdotes about her shih-tzu dog. How often can you get away?


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Although she helped to create the show, the actress refused to towets the programme with anyone for thirty years until Basil is put out psyhciatrist the sister’s brusque manner and when he enters the hosptal in a concussive state lets her feel the full force of his rudeness much to Sybil’s dismay.

After lunch, Melbury dismisses Basil’s incessant apologies for the accident. Basil is really annoyed now at Sybil doubting his version of events and fires off some insults at Sybil:.

As Basil leaves Raylene’s room, he passes Mr Johnson’s which is right next door, and hearing a female laugh he isn’t going to be outdone psychoatrist Mr Johnson almost catches him listening at the door.

Actor Tony Page’s appearance on Fawlty Towers was his first speaking role, fresh from stage school. Well, it’s been engaged for ten minutes. List of Fawlty Towers episodes. Mrs Hall bluntly calls Basil an “ignoramus” for serving up such a disgusting dish.

He starred toaers Basil Fawlty in the series right. When very angry Mr. The episode opens to find everyone busy at reception. Melbury offers to take Basil’s coin collection to have them valued while dining with the Duke of Buckleigh that evening, to which a deeply honoured Basil agrees.

Major Gowen Brian Hall Tommy Hilfiger’s Oscars slippers that caused a stir featured Japanese Maple not marijuana leaf motif Made a statement Thigh’s the limit!

They were on my casg all the whole time, didn’t you see?

The pair arrive at Fawlty Towers tye being attracted by an advertisement casr Basil placed in a highly respectable magazine which emphasised a no riff-raff policy. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. However she has not appeared on TV sincewhen she narrated the television series In Motion.

This makes him nervous and he begins to act as though he does fancy her, via Freudian slips or luckless accidents. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Basil takes an instant dislike to Danny Brown, who he views as one of the lower orders with his blunt manner and coarse language. Everybody wants you, don’t they? Thinking that her husband is having an illicit affair in the hotel right under her nose, Basil tries to delay Mrs Lloyd from going into her room and discovering her husband’s adulterous behaviour with a young woman.


Thus when Basil, not privy to the entire context of a conversation between the Abbots and Sybil about how often middle-aged hotel owners can get away on holiday, is asked the question of how often Basil and Sybil “manage it”, he indignantly claims ” Next morning, Basil intercepts Polly taking Sybil’s breakfast up to her and takes it up himself with his plan to make amends being to tell Sybil what Manuel really meant — the girl in question was not Raylene but the girl that Mr Johnson had smuggled into his room.

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Basil’s constant mention of the war reduces one of the female German guests to tears. Complains vast about Fawlty Towers. Throughout the episode, the Wareings patiently wait for their drinks order to be served, but Sybil is too lazy and Basil is too engrossed with catering to the every whim of the fake Lord Melbury.

Fawlty – he crazy about the girl” he means that Mr.

Basil then decides to teach Manuel a lesson but unfortunately for Basil, the Abbotts are treated to another display of the Basil Fawlty lunacy! John and his ex-wife Connie Booth, who played waitress and maid Polly Sherman, were the brains behind the popular series, having co-written and starred in it together. Ahead of his acting career, Ballard worked as a special constable during the Second World War, and witnessed the Blitz first hand while on the job. Basil grovels to Melbury for forgiveness, which Melbury grants him.

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