I’ve been going through the same all these years You can put it that way, else you can say those sculptures crafted by our ancestors, will be sent to those places where those will be of prime importance Don’t confuse me Forget it! Hope all goes well. I’m going to Bombay Staying here is a risk Are you scared of the Police? Please leave without causing any trouble Please finish the divorce formalities soon It’s already getting late I’ve stopped it all It’s been a year, I drank Don’t you get it, It’s already late Dad! India is a boring country.

Shall we drench in the rain? He has already started the process to make kids The moment he entered the room, the lights went OFF! We are going to drink don’t forget, size 40 We have drinks right? Everyone knows about him, don’t get yourself into trouble now for being late Apart from marriage, Don’t you have any ambitions? Won’t you understand What did you find in me? And you guys are encouraging him Bro, lots of veterans have climbed peaks here and you have just placed your first step So

I’m talking to you Answer my questions?

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You just had 3 eimthusan let’s go Malar Come we’ll first go see Doss and then. Think about what can be done for the remaining amount uncle I want to see her.

So, I can never be a man of your dreams If you can accept this, then let’s live together.

Keep the romantic mood intact I’ll be back soon I got to leave bye This is nothing to do with love, He was disturbing the class, so he hit him Got it You got us here for your kiddish problems He had hit him because he was disturbing the class – What!

Yeah It would have been happier He is the only one missing He’s coming out on Monday Uncle I’m leaving Bye Jegan He came in the morning, he wanted to surprise you but you are already here Why did you escape? Get out – What’s happening here? Time shall pass and change The color of love will stain on your heart Time shall pass and change The color of love will stain on your heart Time shall pass and change The color of love will stain on your heart The color of love will stain on your heart You’re the only one I have love for!


Why did you hit him? Always getting into trouble Their family has fed us for generations, I have to go immediately I’ve fed sadhavan a lot too, Am I not fuol boss? But my brother is working since But he never brings these catalogs home, as his wife is an orthodox christian Uncle, These details are more than enough for eunthusan college assignment Don’t start off with your boring einthuzan Boring lectures??? enthusan

In the website I read about some issues. A problem bro What problem? You are not worthy to ask such a question Do you think I don’t know mvie Malar Why the hell do you get married? It’s trying to wake up my sleeping conscience It’s trying to pull it out and beat it down And then It laughs and mocks at me And then it tries to suck my life!

Do kill me, But let my movie release That’s like my child Sir Film, child, art or creations won’t win my sympathy coz I don’t understand them Do you have any idea about my past?

Had Kannagi had an extra marital affair, Will Kovalan be broad minded to accept her again? With stained hands, I am of your same height Does it ring a bell in you?? My dad is a different breed, Boozing has been his life.

I’m coming I told you not to trust him If you want to be happy, accept the marriage proposal He has blabbered something to them too Mom Mom Mom I too loved him, but never expressed it I left town. Ilaiyaraja is always the King of Music No one can compete with him Today, We will have 4 pegs and leave, that’s it – OK bro Our Director Vivek’s movie is a box office hit So we are gonna party the whole night to celebrate this success I would invite director Vivek to speak a few words This is my first film It’s only because of all your handwork, this movie is a box office hit Big hit, Box office hit!

Give me a kiss Call me dad – Uncle – No, daddy Just by giving birth you won’t become a dad, You got to be one Till then aadjavan will have to wait You should have told the child that father has gone abroad and will be back soon Ask anything your mouth opens up wide Just leave everyone, like a free bird, liberate yourself from all this aadhavzn Do you like to drench in the rain Shall we?


Ask him to stay back Who do I know here? Come upstairs Coming sir As for as I know, you are completely recovered It’s all in your hands now I know That’s the problem sir In anger, my hands search for liquors only You are a creator Throw all your anger at writing Don’t show at liquor, it’s eibthusan for nothing Your father called, aafhavan know about the whereabouts of your wife and kids You can leave now.

In a few days Just you? I don’t need any of these If we selectively smuggle 1 or 2 statues that our ancestors made, we will get money Are you asking us to steal? I dismember the miscreants I moviee the goddess who uproot prejudice! Doss, He’s blabbering, don’t take him serious. If you ask he’ll come, Bro, he is there Welcome bro – How are you?

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aahavan Go away and live happily Leave! You will surely say that I’m a bitch Bye uncle Hey, Why you said all these? Move, Move What’s the problem? Next is a special song which we composed now We’ve done that for a special person in this crowd – What’s her name? You wanna know if I slept with him? Arul brother has created a big issue at grand bar, has cracked someone’s head.

Recently I’ve heard about it, But have you been an accomplice Yeah, just twice It’s not a movue job, we have guys to execute it I’ve got an idea, Can we try once? I will kill him Jegan Jegan We’ll take him, just leave it Take him! I just don’t need this I am earning enough to manage my needs.