Jassi’s husband Narinder takes up a job in Sharjah after six months of marriage. Ooh gosh u hope sanskar will understand what swara went through. Later in the night, Jassi wakes up petrified after dreaming that everyone in the family is aware of her being pregnant and a furious Naren dragging her out of their home. When I opened my eyes.. Viren obliges, and Jassi asks him make sure to buy a gift for Nimmi. If u r not comfortable to read it.

On the other hand, Viren is having a good time with his friends. What u did to my daughter.. On the other hand, Viren and Nimmi are having a good time together. She hugged me from the behind. Have u gone mad..?? He handle me gently this was the first time.

He took me in he room.

Aadhe Adhoore

Viren reluctantly buys the pregnancy test kit. He realizes that Jassi is ignoring him. I want him to know complete truth.!!

Then I looked towards ma. Will she succeed in her endeavour? The next morning, Viren phones Nimmi and apologises to her for abruptly leaving from her place the previous night. Done with this chappy. Later, when Viren comes home, he is surprised to know that Jassi has had her dinner without waiting for him. Buy see na now he is guilty. Simin 30th Oct – 8: Jassi who has been working nonstop preparing food for the party faints while serving food. Febi 30th Oct – 3: Later, Jassi meets the family and is impressed to see the girl.


How could she said this. He came top of me. Later, Jassi brings Channi homes and, and Viren mistakes her to be Jassi. I was very happy. Poonam tells Jassi that she has found an alliance for Channi and requests her to convince Ashok to give his approval.

And u r saying u love her. He has a hotel in manali. We also need their little bit concern. Jassi is shocked when Viren makes it clear that he is not ready to get married.

Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 13

Jassi then asks Viren to bring the pregnancy test kit from a zdhure. I wiped his tear. He applied soap on all over my body. I have heard man only cares for their satisfaction. The story is about Jassi’s love affair with her brother-in-law Varinder outside her marriage. And squeezed the other.

Jassi is talking casually with Viren, not knowing that Beeji is looking for her. I was making the rangoli….

Whole terrace is decorated with the candles. Jassi is shocked as she fears that Viren may spill the beans. I felt warmth in his touch. Though Viren refuses to attend, he later decides to go to the party. After looking my strength. I looked towards her. I called ur love.


And happy birthday dear. Rekha 30th Oct – 5: Jassi feels bad when Ashok tells her that his fpisode does not like his concerns for Channi.

He looked each other. I wanted to forget all my guilt. With lots of love.

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He was moving around me unwrapping my sari… I was just looking at him. He was just staring me. This leaves Jassi epispde and she expresses her doubts of being pregnant to Viren.

Sanky will trust her…. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Were at the peak. Happy Diwali and happy anniversary jaan.?. Still he has same effect… He whiffed on my sensitive core.

But tried to hide it.