Opening the iTunes Store. Has Matt Jay uncovered a secret squad of roving, pirate-based transformer cars? Jun 26, Matt Jay and Producer Mark take advantage of Dave’s absence to talk about all the good Nintendo things and then get into maybe the best episode yet of Liveman! The Secret of Super-Power. In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave talk more Fallout 4, offer some spoiler free thoughts on Civil War, and then get into a very interesting episode of Jetman. Wherein Love is Lost. Sing and Dance to the Killer Rock!

Wherein Matt Experiences a Rude Awakening. Kakuranger is closing in on its mid-season finale, and things are getting Cranked Up, ya’ll. Matt and Dave discuss the Olympics, weird store signs, and Marvel Two-in-Ones before they take a long, confused look at an episode about an army of robot dolls. Joined by longtime friend of the show What is the American Ninja? The second full episode of Creature Royale!

Dave and Matt discuss the merits of multiple exclamation points and organized parties before watching a true ‘freak of the week’ style episode of Ohranger! Wherein Matt Experiences Technical Difficulties. There’s also a quick Baby Watch before Matt and Dave break down a hard to digest episode of Ohranger.

Well, in a episose of speaking It iswhich means it is time to unveil the new Podcast Slogan for the year! We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Dave’s copy of Fallout got damaged, Matt is eyeballing a new Farcry game, and Carranger is racing into it’s sixth episode! Jul 10, Dave is back from his family’s summer trip! Will Matt and Dave survive talking about this particularly terrible episode? Look, you’re just going to have to buckle in for the first several minutes of the Five Stars this week.


In this week’s episode, the Jetmen are stunned by defeat in hand to hand combat – and also in golf and Yup, you sure read that right. Beat Down Iron Cross Group!! Preview Mode Links will not work in preview mode. Welcome back to the Creature Royale!

Dave is a Trim Healthy Momma, and pretty sure the whole wolrd is ohrager know! Watch this week’s episode here: Last week’s episode was a stroll through a sunny park, friends.

Tune in to find out. Dave Jay is a trim healthy momma, and other surprising facts! The Carrangers get a new weapon while their enemies cook up a plan to get earth destroyed by Welcome to the last episode of Eoisode before we begin the final arc. Dave Jay’s summer haircut is back! They discuss pancake toppings and a fifteen year old story about Matt and Dave Jay before falling even more in love with Toei’s Spider-Man! The Strange White Bird. Matt and Dave take a look back at their year ohranged Jetman, answer user questions, and discuss the future of the show in this Jetman wrap-up episode!

Dave has some follow up thoughts on a few of his stars from last week, Matt turned a flash flood into an impromptu midnight pool party, and Bomber Guy returned from exile to seize control of the Baranoia Empire. In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave talk about The Fight, Dungeons and Dragons, and going back to school before jumping into an episode that is more or less exactly what the title suggests.


Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Episode 13

Be sure to join us on Tuesday for the start of a whole new season of Super Sentai Brothers! The Secret of Super-Power. To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title and click Play. Tune in this week to hear how folks from other worlds say hello to women. Producer Mark and Friend of the Show Brian return for the second episode of The Spider-Man Who Loved Me, which we definitely, absolutely recorded only just this week as part of our normal, everyday plans for the show.

We’re back with a special Christmas Edition of the Five Stars!

Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Episode 29 – MyDramaList

Has Matt Jay uncovered a secret ohrsnger of roving, pirate-based cohuriki cars? Did you think last week’s episode was raw? In Which There is Much to be Discussed. It is just the very normal, run of the mill scenario wherein a father builds a cybernetic replacement for his son because he can’t deal with the pain of losing him.

The Invasion Cram School!! This week, she stood alone at In this week’s episode, the maze of love continues and we are introduced to a new team weapon. Bet you can’t guess what it is! Babywatch, Pizza Club, and Dick This week’s episode could be titled: