Inshaallah Morocco will be Berber again in the future, is it is intented to be. February 12, Well…I did sound paranoid…. May 12, These are only examples of disparities of living conditions. Morocco is a theocratic monarchy. Long live the Moroccan Republic! I advise you to liberate yourself from all those complexes en prejudices to read free and a lot without losing your identity and proud just like a real Imazigh not the defenders of imazighen nowadays but a proud one like Tarik Ibn ziyad generation.

They talk about nationality, beliefs, traditions, values, and so on. Freedom and democracy are not handed out on a platter. This is highly questionable. If you look at all historical changes and calculate all those movements along more than years you would exactly know waht I mean. So, all people who live in tamazgha may be they have something in common and they differ in other things but at the end of the day they share the same land. Is it the Italian one, the Scottish, the Scandinavian or even the American one?

Mysterious as it is, the Moroccan identity leaves any foreign observer with a shocking image on mind. Do you have any statistics to back up your illogical, eccentiric, fjlm, irrelevant, non-scientific and stupid sentence if it is a sentence of course? May 12, February 28, 3: December 31, 4: Kidding aside, work ethics is something we can all agree is desirable. April 29, 5: There is nothing bad with being proud of own identity, bad and dangerious is secte feeling and extremism.

Coranic Arabic is an official language because of religion. Freedom is a right that we have to fight for but the lack of freedom has never made us change who we are. And I think it is even confusing for Moroccans amwzighi us.

I guess this all about complexes and victim role. But we are all witnessing a cultural and linguistic catastrophe prepared and executed by a few in power.

For the first time in ages, some light can be shed on this religion. There is no place for a view from nowhere. To block any language is ignorance whether it is Arabic or Berber. Please let s us talk in serenity and respect.


This is not to paint the picture of our country black but to say the truth as I experienced it.

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May 25, 1: So, land is the main determinant that defines the identity of a nation since it is fixed and invariable. December 21, 6: What about us that are devoted to this country? I must recognize that language shape and define the tnirt we think and view our world.

It is perhaps the societal pressure that the girls are not getting married that very much stresses the mothers.

Great post with honest observations. My mother does and has always worn it even when she was not a practicing Muslim.

May 27, 2: September 12, 6: Thanks for sharing it. They talk about nationality, beliefs, traditions, values, and so on.

Though originally Dutch I have travelled the world for my work for years and lived in many countries but Morocco for me is the best place and now I know I will remain here to my last days.

Well…I did sound paranoid…. Being born inside a set of imaginary borders by chance does not make you special. We have allowed ourselves to be silenced by thugs.

If islam equals arabization, we have a problem; since xmazighi are muslims but certainly not sish to be Arab.

Do other Moroccans feel and think the same way about Moroccan society and culture? Over half a century after independence, Morocco is the most illiterate country in the Arab world and Africa, making it the in the literacy list out of countries by the United Nations Development Programme.

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The only close language to Moroccan Arabic is the Algerian one. May 26, Filj mother will never stop wearing a jellaba and I would hate it if I am forced to wear either jellaba amazihi jeans as I like both. Ben Aissa One more thing, It is a good sign to discribe our variety as shlada because shlada is a combination of healthy ingredients, visible, identified where there mixture makes a healthy plate. And when you are amazighu a person of wrongdoing without any prove, as you heard it on the grapevine, it is a serious matter by means of law.


If i ask you the same question in tamirt different languages ,i am pretty sure that the answers will be totally different. If you live in Tamazgha or North Africa you are obliged to say that I am amazigh because you live on the land of imazighenno matter what language you speakor what religion you convert, or the way you dress or eat ; all these things have nothing to do with identity but have to do with culture.

Again the same thing for religion, we are free to convert any religion. Hakada I think you are mixing apples and bananas.

This is highly questionable.

There are tall, snow-capped mountains and oceans of sand in the desert…tropical paradises and beautiful beaches full of lush fertilization in the rainy seasons.

A good justice system and good education should be enough to eradicate most sources of trouble.

Bad understood, Islam is absolutly not equal arabization. And, then I go back to the Islam thing. I think we Moroccan people, Arab or Amazigh speaking, do have no part of responsibility of this at all. In this fil, there are a lot of mixes as people which ancestors integrated or married in another community thanks to religion, work, emmigrations or trading and of course there are still enough people who conserved their idenitity pure.