The Cute must be seen in motion to be fully appreciated. Like you said, she is not a pure “white” saint, but a real person with flaws. I enjoyed this drama. He gets Ah Jung to meet him at the airport in Jeju to hear her explain what happened. Mama J November 21, at 1: Thanks for the recap I wish the drama could have somehow, you know, explain it to the viewers.

They take in the temporary living space and Se-ryun chirps that this is huge news: Many tears fell down unfortunately my tears are rather easily pop up and emotionally exhausted. And the other part of me would be saying, “So noted. I love when his adorable dorky side shows through the I’m-so-cool facade. Taking that as her answer, she says goodbye. This was a refreshing series, kind of like a sherbet course in a long dinner. Plus wanted his house back.

I watched this because it was in the popular list. I wish the drama could have somehow, you know, explain it to the viewers. JLemonade January 3, at 5: When the camera focuses back on Only one again, Kang-hwi is gone. He’s quite tqke revelation here in FHT2! I’m looking forward to more cute moments between our OTP.

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I just love how you made your side comments. Ugh, cant believe I just went in the same boat with HER!!.

I refreshed every 5 mins and i am like a stupid person lurking alone in previous thread… waiiittt meee… Mizweng, Leishers… I need to catch up the comments… shoot!! They are adorable, and the change between them is happening with enough delicacy to keep me engaged. NMW’s looks are creepin’ me out the more I see them: This is when you want your sweetie pie to step up and be supportive.


I like how the show drops teeny hints to his past that satiate my palate just long enough to keep me intrigued. Thanks for the recap Yes, Ki-woong proved he can do great at different characters.

So this drama isn’t as bad as we first though? Man-ok’s background was interesting. God please forgive me……ottoke????? I’m not watching this one – just reading the recaps, but oh the hair The other actors I’m not all that familiar with except Lee Seung-ho Go-dong. Episodes by odilettante.

I just watched the raw last episode and I am breathless! It’s fast, but not too fast, and the behavior changes seem small but if you go back and see Tae-Ik from day one – he is much, much farther along as a human than he was back then.

Anyway, for younger generations who do not understand what the above list is all about, just take your chance following my suggestions below I watched mostly from gooddrama. Se-ryung visits Kang-hwi in the hospital bearing flowers. DJ December 16, at fuull They have some pics of the party at yooneunhye. If he really forgot about her, then what about the photo of them hidden in that frame?

And to that end, I think it might have been for the better and reminds us of his incredible range as an actor. Btw, I realised… there were two takes of it. Man-ok waves goodbye, lingering for a long moment after taake car drives off. Kudos to you and all friends here at your playground! After Gaksital fill Arang, my energy seemed to have zapped, and had thought to hypernate from Kdrama for a while. Now I want him to get his home back.

Once they wrap, Man-ok says that his sudden appearance surprised her.


Full House Take 2: Episode 8 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Wedding scene is up to our own imagination. The adopt a pet together stage in a relationship is really important. Before this, NMW was just another really really really pretty face. Thank you very much for the recap! Oh she had the nerves to stick up for Oh Yoon Joo to me. Did you read the recap? La amiga traicionara que deja a la muchacha ,junto con su mama sin un lugar donde vivir. I want that last dress she wore!!

She thanks him for waiting for her, and tells him that she loves him. So, when Full House Take 2’s cast and production was announced, I was kinda sad. She looked like it was painful or something. Without you guys, the story would not have been so meaningful to me and I might have quit watching mid-way.

With these questions and criticisms aside, I can say that this was an entertaining show. With tons of cute bickering while Man-ok played referee. Definitely one of my favorite drama. Thanks for the recaps: Not that she is actually as honest as KangHwi thinks she is how many times has she lied to her Grandfather while ruining his business? Maybe an awesome woman will show up in future episodes and they can get together.

Muah Muah Muah Much! It cracks me up that there are more comments on this recap about the hair than the plot. He turns around to see hold on, you can see?!