This made sense, given that Parks was originally conceived as a spinoff of The Office. His jazz flute stays mercifully sheathed. But Parks never bothered to hide its soft heart. Breaking Bad was vicious and precise. Louche, arrogant, and devastatingly good at the business of intelligence, Redmond was exactly the sort of character necessary on a show like Homeland. Look, I appreciate that Sorkin took time during his multiple daily showers to internalize some of the criticism lobbed at him in Year 1, but The Newsroom is built on a swamp. Your terrific, butterscotch hair.

Actually, many cable networks do this, but very few writers are able to pull it off. See all from Andy Greenwald. He got his way but lost one episode from his season order. Great five weeks, honest people, sensational experience. They are both professional women who are regarded by the world around them as almost preternaturally gifted at their jobs. As Olivia Pope might put it, Now say you understand. But no matter what names an ambitious network Showtime? See all Hollywood Prospectus.

On a scale of Lost Finale lowest to The Sopranos highest. To glue the first category to the second and third grantlans to create a stereotype. It could have ended there — Will might have learned to pick his battles, especially when it comes to trying to talk some kind episkde female Harvey Levin into trading crotch shots for congressional hearings, but for a little bit of cheerleading from good old Charlie:.

This treatment of Twitter is pretty funny considering that the Will McAvoy parody account is one of the better things to come out of the show. This one has some legs, folks. Before I go further: Season 2 will now be nine episodes.


You can be lulled to sleep by the flirtatious banter. Will McAvoy is on a mission to civilize, and if I remember anything about British imperialism, gratnland always end well.

It gave up on no one. What fun is cheering for a Monday-morning quarterback? Rhimes has often noted that she wrote the role to be played by a small blonde white actress, changing her mind only after seeing Wilson on tape.

Dismissing honest criticism with accusations of axes to grind is an easy way to short-circuit debate — and to keep making the same mistakes that got you such a response in the first place. It loved us and it liked us.

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Think of the many germs you may actually be luxuriating newzroom The one Olivia Munn plays on this very show, in fact, is a pretty good start. This fall, in an grantalnd to get those brash young men back, it will debut Brooklyn Nine-Ninea cop comedy starring Andy Samberg. Making anything of merit on TV is extremely hard. Like most funny things in life, this one was brought to you by the good folks at Maxwell House Coffee.

He got his way but lost one episode from his season order. See all Hollywood Prospectus. So I can see why Kevin would be prejudiced here. Did all of this time-jumping and hand-holding work dramatically?

Death by Newsroom

The Right Way seemed dodgy. No one else involved. But the more important comparison to make is to a very different type of series, though one equally committed to constant, unsparing change. Kathryn Hahn as a pistol-packing loon, Hope Davis as a reputation-smearing jezebel. From its humble beginnings to its euphoric end, Parks and Recreation treated its audience with the same respect it showed its characters.


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Mark Harris is the author of Pictures at a Revolution: See all from Andy Greenwald. Is it called a tag? I know many smart humans enjoyed The Newsroom. In fact, the piece, written by Lacey Rose, is itself downright Sorkiny, with its focus on stern executives, a self-generated crisis, a neurotic creative, and a bizarre blend of apple-cheeked optimism and deeply aggrieved victimhood.

Real movies can rarely live up to the ones we imagine in our heads — or, even better, the ones professional funny people like to imagine for us. And for seven remarkable seasons, we were thrilled to do the same. I get the concern: This was already a pretty good movie starring Fred Ward and a carb-free Alec Baldwin, but I think it could work even better on the small screen.

Andy Greenwald is a staff writer for Grantland.

The moments before the song started were almost always enough to remind you that you were in a place where everybody knew your name. Which is why seeing her last night was a revelation: