He was seeing that her actions were that of someone that still loved him after all these years it was a montage , and he ran to where she was. I like the show but I do have to say that she felt a little rusty and over did it with her character at times. This can actually be said for most of the female characters in the show. That drama take me to new world that I can be enjou until now Korea dramas, songs ect……. Skip to secondary content. Korea makes a lot of porn that try to also be a drama. As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours.

I keep travelling back to “Winter Sonata” when I need a mega dose of masculinity. Cop Kdrama First Impressions by [The cat tha She falls in love, and shockingly, pursues the man first. That swimming scene was…. Hotelier is a South Korean television drama series set in Seoul Hotel, a fictional five-star hotel undergoing an expensive expansion and renovation. You can get in by joining on of my raffles I have going on. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Bae Yong-Joon is cast in the Richard Gere role. Frank soon discovers that Jenny, whom Tae-jun had rescued, is his biological sister. Now, professions in Korean dramas are window dressing there for mostly as an excuse to justify why characters have money and wear expensive clothes.

Hotelier (2001) Review: Revisiting a classic and cutting into it.

I remember a few folks popped up in City Halland now the first big cameo in Secret Garden has just been announced. In her work life, the hotel is experiencing some issues with a recent tragedy in upper management and subsequent financial problems.

Well, I recently made a fan edit of this drama trimming it down to about 2 hours and 30 minutes divided into 3 parts for easy consumption.

She got much better later in her career. Then, he just explains the scene via dialogue going on and on when a single glance should suffice. That had to be high stress. A lot of the rather awkward emotional flip flopping is gone. But that one was unfinished. The new breed of boy actors are just that: You are commenting using your WordPress. I simply could not warm up to the actress either; she seems high strung and awkward, without a hint of grace.


Cop Kdrama First Impressions by [The cat tha I mean inserting unnecessary filler material. It is a relief when they finally stop being adversaries and join forces. Everyone has to have a happy ending as this is a Korean drama after all.

Song Yoon Ah Cameos in Secret Garden (Plus Some Hotelier Thoughts)

Tae-jun is weighed down by his numerous responsibilities: I would like to say thank you to both Ockoala and Jusash for let me know about my query. Revisiting a classic and cutting into it. Since he is uncomfortably aware of their age difference, and wary of engaging in any romance of any kind, he holds back from accepting her affection. Famed screenwriter Srama Eun Sook has so many drama hits under her belt, naturally it would also come with heaps of acting goodwill from the actors who have benefitted from starring in one of her dramas.

I will then say how I felt during each episode by the time it was episode 20, I was thinking…when will this end? I was so happy.

Hotelier (TV series) – Wikipedia

Same as you Hotelier was the very first Korea drama I watched. This site uses cookies. I had previously attempted to review this show a few times hoteller never, for some reason, was able to finish it. At first, no one at the hotel knows anything about this mysterious rich businessman or his hidden hotelieg — which is to spy for and aid the enemy. They could have made his character more…supportive since they were trying to use him as a supporting character, a dram of character that the main people can go to in times of need and they tell the main characters exactly what the audience is thinking.


Back to point, she is not Julia Roberts. I liked his character, but at the same time did not like how he was over Jin Young so quickly. Could you pls kindly tell me where I can get the completed script of that.

Yet somehow Hotelier is not particularly deep or memorable. Because the recipe is timeless.

I love Bae Yong Jun. Rich, confident, and determined. Views Read Edit View history. I still have it. This aspect of character creation is a remnant of the 80s and early 90s Japanese drama influence which got removed from Korean dramas in the late s as the industry got more formulaic and streamed lined. Now I keep looking for it and I cannot find it anymore decap.

Click below to subscribe for upto date reviews and news. Song Yoon Ahnewly married and the mother of a three-month old baby, will be coming out of her maternity leave and lending her star power as thanks to Kim Eun Sook for casting her in On Air.

Seung-Woo Kim is not to my mind what you would call handsome. Introducing the First Half of in Korean Movie Amanda October 30, at Rosie October 29, at Dgama can actually be said for most of the female characters in the show.

It is easy enough to see why a vulnerable young woman like Yoon-hee, whose own father figure is such a bully, would be drawn to a nurturing older man who treats her with such respect and tenderness.

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