Neither has much of a sense of proportion, but both are hard to ignore. United Kingdom United States Germany [2]. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Henry Salt Peter Jeffrey The film is definitely a love it or leave it sort of affair, which is pretty much almost always the case with Gilliam’s work. Sally asks, “It wasn’t just a story, was it? A visually striking somewhat strange fantasy adventure. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a fairy tale of large heart and limitless vision.

What is accurate to the source material I can’t say as I have not read the books. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The first DVD edition of the film, issued on 27 April , did not include any of these or any other extras. The film is based on the tall tales about the 18th-century German nobleman Baron Munchausen and his wartime exploits against the Ottoman Empire. The film is definitely a love it or leave it sort of affair, which is pretty much almost always the case with Gilliam’s work.

Bill Paterson as Henry Salt. Ettore Martini as First General. Audible Download Audio Books.

This Week’s Top Trailers. It has been inserted between the end title and “The End” and reads: The Baron who again appears elderly after being “expelled from a state of bliss” encounters the Angel of Death for the fourth time. For a picture big on in-camera special effects, few of the explosions and set pieces can eclipse the parade of cracking performances.

Movie Info The tale of the enchanting adventures of Baron von Munchausen on his journey to save a town from defeat. Ray Cooper as Functionary. Of course the film is based on the novels that recount the tall tales of the real man in question so I’m guessing that what we see is actually the real Munchausen’s imagination and Gilliam has just recreated it, with some munnchausen license I’m sure.


I’m probably being a little kind of this film, but sometimes I’m a sucker for this munchauen of stuff, even if I know it really could be a lot better than it thinks it is.

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Sometimes it’s seeing the seams that make the whole more impressive. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Besides looking great, and being all kinds of quirky, it does have a decent cast who gives some sometimes wonderfully over the top performances.

One could say a dignified pirate appearance.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Baron wanders backstage, where the Angel of Death tries to take his life, but Sally Salt, ffilm young daughter of the theater company’s leader, saves him and persuades him to remain living. While not on par with Monty Python and the Holy Munchasuen, this is a good piece of work.

Eric Idle as Berthold. Peter Jeffrey as The Sultan. And the score is amazing. But meaning is what he already craves. I’m writing the booklet for Second Run’s upcoming Blu-Ray of this extraordinary feature. Inthe film was further nominated for four Saturn Awards:. A fitting final installment in Terry Gilliam’s trilogy begun with Time Bandits and continued with Brazil.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: There were so many explosions going off so close to me, which is traumatic for a kid whether it’s dangerous or not. Sally Salt Oliver Reed A bureaucrat, in a retro-future world, tries to correct an administrative error and becomes an enemy of the state. Being fiml freezing cold water for long periods of time and working endless hours. It’s also all over the place in terms of coherence.

Andrew MacLachlan as Colonel. Phil Hubbs Super Reviewer. Fi,m Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Mohamed Badrsalem as Executioner. Then it becomes this kind of legend—which it deserves to be I’ll content myself for now by saying this is one of the all-time high water marks of fantasy cinema, enough to prove that Karel was, indeed, ze man.

Absolutely mesmerising and utterly charming. The sheer volume and invention of Gilliam’s visual largess sets him apart, and his wit operates for the most part at a dangerously sophisticated level. Sony Pictures Home Rilm. The sets and costumes are beautiful. Finally they escape by blowing “a modicum of snuff” out into the sea creature’s cavernous interior, causing it to sneeze the heroes out through its whale-like blowhole.


We follow the Baron as he travels ddi the Moon of all places, to the South China sea, the belly of a huge sea monster familiar story line for fairytales and deep below the Earth in the realm of the Roman God Vulcan.

Fil, then we’ll have spent all that time in that smelly fish for nothing. The first DVD edition of the film, issued on 27 Aprildid not include any of these filn any other extras.

I think some bits work and some don’t, the whole Moon part feels a ip stupid in all honesty and I didn’t like Reed’s God, but getting swallowed by the sea monster is the quintessential time-honoured fantasy fodder that I liked. I must admit the film doesn’t quite hold up the wonder it used to have for me when I was but a mere sprog. Toen ik het werk van filmmaker, regisseur, uitvinder en fantast Karel Zeman afgelopen zomer ontdekte, ging er een wereld voor mij open.

This is certainly one of the most bizarre and unique movies I’ve ever seen but the more times I see it, the more I like it.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen () – IMDb

That along with Neville’s grand performance and some sumptuous sets and costumes you can see why this film was nominated for so many awards. Its a bit odd how his age keeps changing from time to time depending on the specific escapade they are on but every time Neville looks terrific.

Theatrical release poster by Lucinda Cowell. When gunfire disrupts the elderly Baron’s story, Jackson cancels the acting troupe’s contract because of the Baron.