He arrived in Pretoria last night. Jabu gets the visitors he always feared were coming. Thandeka notices what Iris and Jabu have been up to. Episode , Tuesday, 10 November. Sbu shocks everyone with a decision he makes during his meeting representing the Ndlovus. Only TVSA members can reply to this thread. Mpiyakhe has to ask for help from unexpected places while the troops assemble in an uneasy alliance.

Thandeka re-lives her recent traumas. Samson plots his escape for the umkhovu process. Seeking protection Lerato tells Mkabayi that what she has been hiding from her father. The valley braces for war. Thandeka gets what she can’t admit she wants. He has been queuing from Friday.

Thursday, 02 February […]. EpisodeMonday, 09 November. Iris is upset about Sechaba. Soapie Teasers for Isibaya: Revenge for loved ones Samson and S’bu go hunting, but they are not the only ones.

Samson plots his escape for the umkhovu process. Iris puts her foot down while Thandeka faces trouble at the office. Mpingelihe 16 Octobrr News 4 weeks ago. Mandla sends Bongani on a mission while Qondi and Bhekifa explore trust issues. M sho he’s fed up wit mamthembus Yebo baba ndingakujabulela uba nawe ntambama The family worry about Thandeka, while Mandla faces accusations from Siphokazi.

Dealing with a reality Lerato tells Jabu the news. He packed his stuff kanty he wants Thandeka 2 stop him lol idiot Tuesday, 01 November Episode Iris warns him about betraying the valley families. Mdu wants R40k from Jabu before he gets the beats.


Soapie teasers for October: Isibaya

Jackson finds out what has been happening under his roof. Fresh Releases 2 weeks ago. Samson puts a dramatic end to a third force, but the war is isibbaya from over.

Thandeka decides to travel to KZN. Channels in this post: Deals for better or worse Jackson offers Jabu a deal with conditions.

Teasers: All The Dramz On Isibaya This November!

He arrived in Pretoria last night. She currently works at an NGO and she is auditioning for the first time. Thandeka tells Jackson what has been going on under his nose. The bubbly Divalash is 30 years old from Pretoria. Isibaya Teasers The first, the original, the one and only: Iris demands more money from her drivers. Tjoooooooooo Jabu I ddnt isubaya he had it in him beating up Juice up lyk dat its lyk he was possesed Isibaya Is Looking For You!

Fancy Yourself A Good Actress? Iris presents Samson with evidence. Tjooooo ivn a lesbian lyk m can’t stop luking those juicy lips he’s rily hooooot but irritating Sunday provides Judas with crucial information.


isiBaya Teasers –

Lerato makes a call that could change her life. Samson asks Sunday to wait to umkhovu Mpiyakhe. Jabu and Iris find themselves with a frightening and powerful new friend. EpisodeTuesday, 10 November.

EpisodeFriday, 13 November. News 1 month episldes. Thandeka makes a shocking confession. Games of Thrones season eight South Africa. Qondi still needs to find someone she can trust. Samson hears something that threatens the entire highway tender. Iris faces a real crisis over the amendment. Noni puts an obstacle in the path of reconciliation. He arrived at 3: FebruaryHere is whats coming up on isiBaya this February. Fezile and Qondi go on their first date.

Mpiyakhe empathises with Shadrack and makes him a proposal. Zingaphy Zeeeeee 10 Nov The combined might of Zungu and Ndlovu come to the rescue in a dramatic showdown! Sbu makes a deal with Samson and Mkabayi. He has been queuing from Friday.

TV 2 years ago. Sbu shocks everyone with a decision he makes during his meeting representing the Ndlovus.