Mike Tuviera, resident director of the year-old noontime variety show said that the AlDub tandem was made by accident. The segment proved to be a success in both broadcast television and social media, resulting in a significant increase of viewership and popularity of Eat Bulaga! Yaya is happy to see Alden and is ready to go to their table, but Nidora is not so thrilled. Retrieved 18 August Mike Tuviera , a resident director for the show, revealed that the tandem was made by accident. Retrieved 8 July Retrieved 4 June Regarded as one of the fiercest generals of his time, he succeeded Artemio Ricarte as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and he sought to apply his background in military science to the fledgling army.

Retrieved 11 February As of late, different media outlets had hailed AlDub as a media phenomenon following its success in trending everyday on Twitter and other social media platforms. Pogi “Richard Faulkerson” Portrayed by: This defense line culminated in the creation of a base in the Cordillera. Alone again, the couple comfortably chat and eat until Yaya chokes on her food. Indonesia The New Eat Bulaga!

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Lola Nidora then reveals that she has a favour to ask from the EB hosts. Among them were supporting the campaign to stop lumad killings, gathering donations for a book hame for lumad children, charity concerts for the Mangyans, outreach and feeding programs, and an awareness campaign for dengue prevention.

Because of this and the appearance of Tinidora, Lola Nidora is not able to reveal the third condition. List of Kalyeserye episodes “Tamang Panahon”.

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Nidora wants to replace the smaller table with a bigger one, but the Dabarkads disapprove; so she makes a deal. The concert was part of the show’s 36th anniversary and held as a celebration to Eat Bulaga!

Romantic Comedy Dramedy Parody. Then, Tinidora and Tidora receive a call informing them about Nidora’s condition. The winner of the Miss Russia pageant usually participates at both Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, yevtushenko represented Chita at Miss Russia and was the 1st runner-up at the pageant.


Nidora is less than thrilled though about the arrival of Isadora. Both Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora are happy because everything is back to normal.

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Frankie apologizes to Yaya Dub for the trouble he had caused her and Alden. Isadora then tells Nidora that she is back for a reason. Suddenly, Anselmo finally arrives at the Broadway to finally reunite with Nidora. Day 41 Bill Portrayed by: Despite the eerie sights and sounds, the group is able to locate the box of jewellery. Casr whole concept of KalyeSerye is so absurdly satisfying! Frankie also declares that he is more handsome, has more dimples, and is richer than Alden.

This led him to develop cqst theory of relativity during his time at the Swiss Patent Xast in Bern. Winner si Yaya Pak! She rethinks her decision but when she sees the couple being happy and excited, she relents. Alden writes “Maine-mahal kita” but edits it to say “Mainenamahal kita”; both are a play on the phrase “minamahal kita” I love you. List of Kalyeserye episodes “Tamang Panahon”.

Even so, Alden and Yaya Dub are happy, as this is the closest that they have been to see each other.

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The storyline opened five years later with the three lolas returning to the Philippines and Alden asking them for Maine’s hand in marriage. Ang Paandae ni Dudang – Facebook”. Meanwhile, Alden sends a letter and bouquet of flowers to Yaya.

Alden Richards Maine Mendoza. MaineAlden16 has overfollowers — numbers which may potentially increase as AlDub’s popularity has yet to show signs of waning. Day Dawin Portrayed by: Alden and Yaya continue dubsmashing until Alden gets suspicious whether Yaya is lip-synching or using her real voice.

This page was last edited on 19 Januaryat Retrieved 11 May Nidora and her sisters proceed to reminisce the times when they were young while Alden makes his way to the venue. Lola Nidora returns and tells Alden that it is Siesta time, so Alden decides to leave. Lola Is Really Really Sick! Phone Call – Facebook”. In order to prevent Dodong from taking Divina, the family would tell Dodong that Divina is not his daughter, but rather a maid at the mansion.


Yaya is also excited to see the studio crew, especially Alden.

According to Anna Leah Sarabia, a Filipino anthropologistthe segment uses fairy tale and soap caet tropes. Martinez is one of the Barangay residents who owns a rice mill. Dorita de Explorer Portrayed by: Archived from the original on August 21, An aunt taught her diction, interpretation and expression while singing and took her under their custody, Nora became a champion at the Darigold Jamboree singing contest singing her winning piece You and the Night and the Music.

In an interview from CNN Philippinesit was said that the reason why AlDub-related hashtags work is because of teamwork between different fan clubs on Twitter.

Retrieved 8 March Gloria Romero Kslyeserye Bebeng is the conservative but caring aunt of the Zobeyala siblings who reveals to have taken care of the triplets before. First, the Rogelios would join Yaya in her performance, and secondly, that Yaya Dub cannot make eye contact with Alden. Isadora was vilified after she fell in love with Dodong, Yaya Dub’s real father, a water boy during their time. Meanwhile, Alden nzme in Bicol safely, to the delight of Yaya Dub.

After that she won another kxlyeserye contest, The Liberty Big Show, Nora entered the national singing contest, Tawag ng Tanghalan, where namme was defeated on her first try and became a champion on her second. It’s not always kayeserye there will be rainy days too. People who have partners who work abroad often communicate and pursue their relationship online, through Skype or Facetime. However, the Kalyeserye segment officially started on July 16,when Yaya Dub sees Alden for the first time and thus, the AlDub tandem was born.

Frankie and Yaya Dub pose for their prenup pictorial at Lola Nidora’s insistence.