That was the peak of Nigerian civil war. I had flair for singing, music, mathematics, English, tradition. But there was the head of the Ozo. That was how I left the country. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a lecturer of Music composition, Theory, History, Singing and Conducting, he was an important member in the pioneering Nigerian music department at Nsukka , which was the first to award music degrees in the country. The first thing is money in surplus. Some others play politics.

She drew a man wearing leaves or raffia on his body, standing in front of a shrine singing incantation in one language and killing a goat or chicken and sprinkling the blood on the shrine and hoping that by heathen performance, he will get atonement with his gods. He is one of the pioneer lecturers of music in Nigeria and also a prolific writer. He was the best student in his class, did school certificate under the age of Everybody had to play every game. Everything cannot be as exact as it might have been then. He left Britain in , and returned to Nigeria, where he took up a lecturing job at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. We would crack palm kernels to sell and use the money to pay our school fees. That is a very difficult question to answer.

Inhe returned to Nigeria and obtained a teaching job as a lecturer in music at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. What is the difference between the two men?

Our governor does not pay traditional rulers much. As a music scholar, he explored distinctive indigenous African rhythm and melody in some songs of the New world movirs American music, a theme that was one of the vocal points of his research efforts.


I was a Lay Reader of the Anglican Church at the age of The temptation might have come for me to stay back in the US, especially during the war in Nigeria. I had to come home.

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I explained this way. I almost went professional in boxing. When I was coronated, there was a Bishop there, and an Archdeacon.

He prepared 12 of us to go to different secondary schools. It is a sport and a culture of the people. My father died when I was six and I had three brothers. English and Igbo very well. He has written many poems, proverbs, puns, journals, music lyrics, etc.

Moviees did test in English, Mathematics and general knowledge. God has done wonders in my family. The first thing is money in surplus.

I was the second person in Nigeria to hold a bachelors degree in music in Nigeria. I believe in practical religion. He would have been theIgwe but he felt and I agree with him, that he would be more useful to the town not being the Igwe.

I was good in writing, music and drama and painting. Inhe obtained the professional teaching diploma, Licentiate ekwume the Guildhall School of Music.

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I was there in the US from to That is a very difficult question to answer. Anyway, asking if he would stand up for me…In Oko, Anambra State, everybody stands up when the Igwe comes. If there is anything against Christianity in the Ozo title, remove it lwz take the title. He had no qualms in what I was doing. He has earned a total of 10 diplomas in music and drama.


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He is a Nigerian musicologist and a professor of music. He left Britain inand returned to Nigeria, where he took up a lecturing job at ekwusme University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

But when the Ide comes and he is my brothereverybody, including the Igwe, stands up for him. You date white and black girls. Many of the homes were not heated. The first test was on mental arithmetic. After 38 years of teaching, ekwuems pension is only about 80, Naira a month.

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You also have to have patience. While studying in Britain, he embraced the theatre and started acting in some African films produced by BBC. Since he cannot see God, he has a visible, tangible token which represents for him the unseen God. When you do what you know how to do well with confidence, they say you are proud.

We have many illiterate graduates and it upsets me. He pours wine, which he purports to be the blood of his saviour and he believes that with these rituals, he can get atonement with his Kewueme. But my mother was a fantastic woman. I took examination in music and I won wkwueme federal government scholarship to study music. My fkwueme was a widow for 50 years before she passed on at the age of Oh, I think I need two weeks to think about it so that I can remember the correct answer.