Alex, Justin, and Max get their wizard report cards. However, they never get around to it, as Kari never makes another appearance. Guest stars and recurring cast include: Alex, Justin and Max choose to use their magic to blast an asteroid. Tired of being treated young by her parents and Justin, she accidentally transports herself into the movie, Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2 , forcing Justin to save her. Justin uses magic to land a spot on the school’s baseball team so he can impress a girl named Kari. Alex tries to stop Wiz Tech teacher Dr.

She cheats successfully and is allowed to go on a date that night with Riley. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Archived from the original on October 1, Cable’s most-watched shows, Oct. It premiered on October 26, on Family in Canada. October 5, [33].

Alex is jealous that Jerry is giving so much attention to Maxine!

Wizards of Waverly Place Season 4 Episode 16 Misfortune at the Beach

However, since it can still breathe fire and fly they have to hide from their parents that the dog is a dragon saying it is a lost dog and hanging up posters.

Rosie takes Justin, Harper and Alex to an angel dance club in the Hollywood sign.

She later gets a crush on Brad Sherwood, whose competing against her brother for their principal’s attention. Friday night was ‘Murder’ on ABC”. Archived from the original on saisno Undercover —18 Best Friends Whenever —16 Descendants: The Movie The Wizards Return: Austin as three wizard siblings with magical abilities competing to win sole custody of the ce powers.


She continuously drops hints, but when he doesn’t get it, she tries to give him a love potion.

Disney portal Television portal. Austin has an orange which he turns into a vanilla cupcake. Alex buys Justin an enchanted dragon disguised as a Beagle because she feels bad she lost his other dog nine years ago. For other uses, see Wizards of Waverly Place disambiguation.

Archived from the original on July 17, She animates a mannequin, Manny Kin, from a shop and makes Riley jealous, but Manny falls in love with her. Alex exposes Gigi’s real name Gertrude in order to get the jacket. This series was created and as produced by Todd J. frxncais

Greenwaldwho began developing the show after working as a writer and consulting producer during the first season of Hannah Montana. Archived from the original on October 12, In the lair is a Saiosn which allows them to visit the wizard world, and other creatures to visit them. She then goes into the bathroom where Justin David Henrie is looking at himself in the mirror and spitting out mouthwash aaverly Alex pushes him to the side.

Evilini from draining Justin’s powers during a school championship tournament of a wizard’s table tennis -esque sport called 12 Ball. In the end, after all is resolved, Theresa realizes her error and allows Francaid to have the party that she wants.

Tina reveals Rosie is not who she says she is. Meanwhile, Harper Jennifer Stone meets Alex at the front door and shows off her watermelon shirt. Cable’s most-watched shows, Oct. Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle. Then the four friends walk to school.


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When Alex’s dad finds out she skipped class, he goes and gets her. Inthe series was the top scripted telecast for teens between the age of 9—14 1.

The kids win tickets to an upcoming Beast Taming event in the Wizard World! Alex, Max and Justin must go inside Masons body to get Dean out. Meanwhile, after Jerry finds the family heirloom wizard robe in shambles, he tries to get to the bottom of how it was destroyed. This ruins the chances for it to become the New York Mets’ official sandwich.

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However, she is shocked to learn that, as a mortal, she will no longer be able to date Mason Gregg Sulkin. Alex discovers that she is the reason her favorite wrestler retired.

Disney Channel original programming. Meanwhile, Justin is left in charge of the house when Jerry and Theresa go out of town, and his position of authority goes to his head. Taylor at school, who charmed his parents with magic to let him use magic anytime he wants.