Her main enemy is the demon teacher Shukracharya. A flame door behind Gauri is seen which leads its way to hell. She also finds some weapons through which she relives her memories. Gauri tries to get hold of Bhasma’s hand but she starts feeling dizzy. He then hits the puja plate which leads the holy colours of turmeric and sindoor to fall on him. Will Gauri accept to fight the Asurs? Will they be able to find the book that they are searching for? She compares the reality with the vision that she had witnessed.

On the other hand, Jayanth is seen praying asking Brihaspathi to help Gauri in her tough time that she is facing. Shukracharya who was estimating Gauri’s power to be just a minor one, understands that Gauri is a powerful and capable girl. With the bag filled, Gauri goes to throw it at a distant place where she finds Godess Durga’s mask and thinks that it must a hint for something that she needs to be cautious about. She has spent the first 17 years of her life away from human civilization. Following the girl, a boy too reaches the place. Tiger’s mother welcomes Gauri to be a part of their family. Jayanth learns more about the Asur from an Asur encyclopedia.

How will Gauri be able to protect mankind from being devastated by this unknown Asur?

He confronts Gauri and takes her maharakshzk surprise, he maharaksahk tells Gauri that he is maharkshak to marry her and is going to marry her right now. Hearing Gauri speaking strange, Parijhad and Tiger start cracking jokes on her but Jayanth seems to understand Gauri and tells her that he must speak to her in private. While Mahesh is leaving the temple, Gauri notices him and follows him. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

What will Tiger and Jayanth do to save Gauri? Later, Jayanth meets Gauri and inquires about her family. A man is seen spending time with his son and when is called by his wife to have his breakfast, he is annoyed to find the same food that his wife frequently prepares. Who is this new Asur? Gauri then draws the same chalice that she had witnessed in her vision.


This Asur is an archer and seems to have a connection with Devi. The story revolves around Devi who spends seventeen years away from human civilization and returns with superpowers to fight the asuras, that exist in the contemporary world. He picks a pinch of Sindoor to appy it to Gauri’s forehead, but Gauri moves away. She walks out of the auditorium and finds the police kidnapping girls and loading them into a van. Gauri and Jayanth are at the library to search for the book that has one of the power modules of Shukracharya’s strength.

What is this snake possessed man going to do? Gauri witnesses another vision where she is under the control of Maharashak.

He tells Mahesh that once this Sindoor touches Gauri’s forehead, she would always obey her husband. Watch ahead to find outDevi is the story of the most powerful girl in the world who is unaware of her extraordinary powers. They work as a group of two maharaoshak clear up the mess.

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Gauri, Jayanth and Tiger learn about this from a news channel that Shukracharya runs. Keep watching to find out. She starts hearing unpleasant and disturbing voices.

The topic of this article may not dsvi Wikipedia’s notability guideline for television. Will they be able to find the book that they are searching for? Next day, Gauri, Tiger and Jayanth watch the news on the television and Gauri instantly tells that it is the work of an Asur.

Umang Jain will be seen portraying the role of ‘Devi’ and Rohit Bakshi will play the role of Devi’s mentor. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. What is the name mahrakshak this huge Asur? Gauri is at the abandoned location, where she finds the mirror that episoee all the answers to her questions.

Later, Gauri asks Brihaspathi that he has not disclosed anything about whom should she fight against and she is eager to know it. This article has multiple issues. He shocks everybody and makes multiple clones like himself.

Jayanth consoles Tiger’s mother saying maharaskhak that nothing would have happened to Gauri. Will Gauri accept to fight the Asurs? When Gauri finds Jayanth, she gets surprised as Jayanth’s face was identical to Brihaspathi’s. What will Jayanth tell Gauri? How will Gauri, Jayanth and Tiger protect the world from it? A girl leaves the camp and sets out to a distant location. Click here to login. On the other hand, Jayanth is seen praying mahaakshak Brihaspathi to help Gauri in her tough time that she is facing.


Sukracharya then decides to plan something that would prove the loyalty of Tiger. Gauri commands the police to let the girls go but the reluctant police majarakshak not listen to Gauri. Bhasma who tells Gauri that he is invincible and can only die if he wishes to.

Devi is the story of the most powerful girl in the world who is unaware of her extraordinary powers. Devi is an Indian television show on Zee TV as part of the superhero trilogy which includes Maharakshak and Maharakshak: Tiger’s mother welcomes Gauri to be a epjsode of their family. Programs currently broadcast by Zee TV.

Gauri To Save The World – Maharakshak Devi, Starts 14th March, Sat – Sun, 7 p.m. Only On Zee TV

Gauri tries to get hold of Bhasma’s maharzkshak but she starts feeling dizzy. Mahesh reaches the temple where Gauri is, and starts searching for her.

Gauri hides the matter from Jayanth, but he suspects that Gauri is hiding something from him. The team then decides to clean the place. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The college where Gauri has recently joined is going for a trek. The story follows the woman Devi Durgawho is gifted with extraordinary powers and returns after seventeen years to battle the asuras that exist in the contemporary devo.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. They are all getting ready to start the trek when Mahesh arrives and apologizes to everyone for being late.