Shunichi Minami happens to see tiny Chiyomi Horikiri. Meanwhile, Shunichi needs to use the restroom, so carefully puts down his blazer on a sofa outside the door. Dolce Amore Episode Meteor Garden Episode When Emi-Chan calls to him, he quickly gets up and opens his door before she can come in. As the door closes, Noboru turns up and pokes his head in unnoticed, however, retreats when grandma wakes and she believes that it was Noboru who saved her when she collapsed. I think when they were talking we got a glimpse in how they used to be.

This and the dancing figure she saw create more shock and confusion for her. You are commenting using your Facebook account. King Gwanggaeto The Great Episode What is it about this simple guy that is so lovable and endearing? Email required Address never made public. The next morning, Shunichi is in his own bed, but still in his school uniform.

This episode really highlights that Shunichi is the heart of this series, in my opinion. However, I find it fng that he would be so dense to think that they would let him take grandma. She tells him to let her see Chiyomi, but only when Chiyomi nods does Shunichi do so.

Before they leave, Miyu thanks Chiyomi for the wonderful magical she brought this child is so cute! She takes him outside and wants to be accepted or rejected by him.


Shunichi gets to his knees and looks like he has nl gold! They walk to a secluded area and she learns that Kanae and he are to have a child soon.

南くんの恋人 Minami Kun No Koibito – My Little Lover Ep 8 EngSub – video dailymotion

Description Shunichi Minami Taishi Nakagawa possesses good looks and does well academically in high school. Emi-Chan introduces herself and Shunichi to the pair and asks Miyu to take care of grandma.

In the hospital room, Miyu has joined the reading group ukn everyone is crying and totally enraptured in the manga. Asuka joins them on their visit, however, as they are walking to the hopsital, Asuka get soaked accidentally by a man cleaning his car.

My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap ♥

Running Man game Show Episode Nomura who comes running through and punches Noboru! This drama is so fun and endearing.

Email required Address kkn made public. After this they go to bed and Chiyomi notes that it will be hard to leave right now. She asks if it really is her, and Chiyomi nods and apologises. My Golden Life Episode I love how sweet she is to everyone!

On a storming night, Chiyomi Horikiri has an argument with her parents over her future course and leaves home.


My Little Lover Episode 8 Recap ♥ – DramaRambles

My Little Lover – Episode 4. Till I Met You Episode Grandma seems to understand somehow that he was looking for the one-inch princess and takes him back to her room.

He works himself up frantically trying to search for Chiyomi. Pink Lipstick Episode He stretches over the sofa, but is startled when grandma comes up behind him koibiyo calls him Noboru which really worries me still.

While trying to avoid the rain, Chiyomi Horikiri wishes that she go back to her childhood. Meteor Garden Episode We then see him wondering around the hospital corridors in frantic search of Chiyomi he is so stressed and worried, my poor child!

My Little Lover

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Outside in the corridor, Shunichi stops and puts his hands over his minaim, squishing a very confused Chiyomi slightly.

I totally agree, he is the highlight! The three are not alone, as Noboru is watching from a distance, as usual. Also, this is how I read haha: Meanwhile, Shunichi needs to use the minaml, so carefully puts down his blazer on a sofa outside the door.