A series of islands which form a love heart when looked at from above. You’ll see Minecraft and other videos here. Sometimes I’ll also show you other cool Minecraft things! Please use the talk page for contact. Testing designs with redstone lamps in creative on the fan server Donations. Admiring BdoubleO’s additions to his village, generikb’s RV Discussing his schedule at DragonCon Putting flooring down in his corridor Talking about trying to remove contacts he wasn’t wearing.

Touring Arkas’s place Discussing jobs Adding powered rail to the nether path Donations. Exploring a cave Talking about how his channel started Talking about depression. Opening Etho’s gift of spider eyes and dungeon records Working on the water tower Discussion about letting people on MindCrack. An initiation room to a secret society where a llama spits on you. Hello, and welcome to my channel. Advertising his organic beef Showing the jungle temple he found while recording without sound Discussing a new intro Working on the towers at his new base Talking about UHC 8 and parenting with technology. Setting up a portal at the outpost Discussing building a minecart rail and the finger pointing at the most epic cave in Minecraft Building a spiral staircase at base 3 Alpha v 1.

Video Count – 99 Frequency about 7 videos per week Since Dec Channel youtube. Video Count – 4, 2. Building a cobblestone generator Starting work on the village paths Cutting down trees. Jeff’s professor, demonetised videos Flooding the staircase.

Exploring a cave and collecting resources. Frequency about 2 videos per month Since Oct Channel youtube. Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1. About Youtuber Hey there!

Minecrafh a jungle and trying to tame a cat Looking at the area where he and BdoubleO tested their prank on Pause. Escaping Ghasts Building a shelter around the spawn portal and working to connect them Alpha v 1. Frequency about 1 video per week Since Oct Channel youtube.


Trying to tame a horse Caving Talking about his daughter and how unhappy she is about going to the babysitter. See Slaying of the Wither. Dueling arena build for fighting on pigs.

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My full name is Chad Johnson. Tags 3 abc ace arena best blizzard cool counter-strike craft cs entertainment epic episode fail first free fun go gold gun hd hilarious humor hunter kids kixeye laugh live lol london ftho mists mmorpg multiplayer music notch offensive olympics pandaria pk pking politics rogue romney skill steam stuff trailer tutorial tv uk update us war warrior xbox youtube. Caving Talking about going to the cinema, his daughter’s height Searching for leather to make an enchanting table.

We make Minecraft videos for you guys everyday. I am the Penguin King of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis! We play Minecraft…and stay up really late. Frequency about 6 videos per week Since Nov Channel youtube.

Minecraft Mods | GALACTICRAFT MOD – Launch to the Moon in Minecraft! – Mod Showcase

Continuing to work on setting up the automatic animal farm Doc and Etho visit Prior to their boat prank on Guude. Making a bedroom for the server at spawn Clearing out the sand Kuroro filled the bedroom with Finding adlingtont’s and Kuroro’s revised jack’o’lantern statue above his house Visiting the arena and shooting Kuroro.

Continuing to build his house Building his “G” in the cliffs across from his home Hanging outside at night. Expanding base 2 Finding slimes.


Getting startled by his bow Kills a creeper and dies to a zombie, blames his death on Fraps and his FPS Manages to recover his items and escape mindcraft skeleton Alpha v 1. Caving Finally finding a spider spawner Eepisode v 1.

Mindcraft About Youtuber Hey Guys! This website has grown from so much from when we started. Frequency about 2 videos per week Since Nov Channel youtube. Netherlands About Youtuber Making Minecraft entertainment videos! Who and UHC Fun with a witch. Please use the talk page for contact. I also try to throw in a different, random video from time to time.

Kraken kid is apart of The Realm Network! A birdcage with birds in it chickens for now, but eventually hopefully other birds. United States About Youtuber Hey! We’re mostly known for our 3D Minecraft Animations, Minecraft Music Videos, Parody’s and funny shorts but you might know us from some of your favourite YouTubers animated videos! Ragmatical Rachel on Game Theory: On this channel you’ll see me play kid friendly, fun and hilarious games such as Minecraft and more!

Caving, searching for a place to live School lunches, food servings. Using a second account to film him build in third person Discussing problems with mobs and griefers on multiplayer Alpha v 1.

Looking for and removing obsidian penises Explanation of future reed farm design and mechanics. I build minecraft houses and make minecraft house tutorials along with everything else minecraft!!