As I said, the quality is there: This Return is gaudy, unfunny, and very annoying. I have a mixed response. A clumsy California woman looks for her father in the lost underground civilization of Atlantis. No longer is it clever puns or jokes. The Corpse Vanishes With short: Gaos Gamera tai Gyaosu.

Vacationers in the Rocky Mountains find themselves trapped following an avalanche and must find a way to survive and escape. The eleventh season of the series is listed by Netflix as Mystery Science Theater Avoid at all costs. Surely it had to get better? Few of the season 2 episodes stick out as series classics, but at the same time there are really no terrible episodes in the season either—many of them simply fly under the radar. Episodes are listed in production number order, not production order or air date order. Kitten with a Whip. Overall it is a decent watch, but I don’t think it demands repeated viewings.

The Mad Scientist in this season doesn’t have a strong personality and is pretty boring and bland, like most of the jokes. Would you believe that the arm is finally defeated by a cat?

X Marks the Spot. The Return with a positive outlook. In the old show MST3K the effect were crappy because they barely had a budget. The Return feels like old times.

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Invaders from the Deep. In sessons installment, they defend an airport owner 1-1 businessmen and a corrupt sheriff, then defend a nightclub owner from thugs. Godzilla and giant moth Mothra battle giant crustacean Ebirah. A demon attempts to destroy Santa Claus’s reputation on Christmas Eve, while also trying to convince kids to do evil deeds. A Lassie movie, set in s California amongst rival gold miners. Jonah Ray is typical “hipster ” would works at a comic book store,the Mads are just boring and a terrible plot line in the last 3 shows is so not MST3K.


The s-era documentary short explains the then-new techniques that enabled farmers to rush produce to market. The eleventh season of the series is listed by Netflix as Mystery Science Theater The Satellite of Love is back, and so is the Gizmonic Institute and all of those terrible movies we love to make fun of!

A sea monster appears off the coast of Ireland and is captured by circus men. Also, her dropping in the theater to make a joke is super distracting. Robot Holocaust With short: It took some time to get over the new voices for the bots, I’ll admit, but nothing a little more exposure won’t fix.

Usually I try and be super nit-picky in my reviews, but I honestly have nothing bad to say abt this series. In a dystopian future, a teen sessons his motorcycle into an abandoned city and gets involved in a gang dispute that centers on taking the city back from an evil corporation.

Radar Men from the MoonPart 4: The Dougie Howser duet was not. It got a chuckle here and there from me, but I was always brought back to earth by the incessant advertisement of Apple products, Carvel Ice Cream Cakes, various restaurant chains, and did I mention Carvel’s Fudgy the Whale? A hypnotist and “psychical seasojs sends a prostitute back to the 15th century to live a previous life as a woman falsely accused of witchcraft, then follows her back to change the past.


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An alcoholic middle-aged woman discovers the secret to renewed, but temporary, youth from an African tribe. Radar Men from the MoonPart 1: Young Paul tries to protect his father from a prophesied danger while also 1-1 a Bigfoot -type creature from a poacher.

From seasonit feels like we get a whole lot of these cheap, spacefaring sci-fi pictures, so get used to it. These have all fallen flat so far. It’s hard to follow the lousy movie and I kind of need to do sessons in order to appreciate the humor more. A fair amount of it is just say-what-you-see-in-a-funny-voice padding, too.

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Her host and his neighbor are both beekeepers. RogerBorg 18 April Attack of the Giant Leeches With short: Jonah shows promise as a host, but he seems too relaxed in the role. Both Mike and Joel had a sense of being on edge, while he seems perfectly happy stranded in space. Tedium and pain, made malleable in the furnaces of hell, came together to forge the film that is Mighty Jack. Chapter III” With short: My sister saw this in junior high; all the boys had to go in the gym.

A professor develops a teleporter, then teleports himself, with dire consequences. Sure, there were a couple of good ones here and there, but the jokes were mostly bland milquetoast and very safe.