But first I’d like to learn more facts about those games. I’ve got no idea why. But the real danger is diminishing the shocking atrocity that was the massive German killing machine. I did not expect Saving Private Ryan and really had no expectations before watching this on Netflix. I found Herckel’s take on the Jews interesting as I imagine it is a sensitive element to include in any movie focusing on the German forces, perhaps more so than the portrayal of POW killings. We certainly need a good movie from the German side, even a few more narratives

The tale of good SS- mann przemster 18 March By the end, he openly questions what he and his kameraden are fighting for, much to his superiors’ consternation. His budget was necessarily very small since it’s an independent production: The movie covers the war from 43 on in a squad within the SS 1st Division, the Leiberstant division. The film is shot mostly using the shaky camera bit — we all know this is done in a vain attempt to make the on screen ‘action’ look better than it is. An explosion knocks Herschel unconscious and he wanders the woods in a daze. It does leave you thinking.

Then that leads to an environment where that evil can come back again. Not to mention that the film is badly, mawkishly, tritely made, poorly shot and indifferently acted. Captain Ludwig Herckel a devoted and patriotic soldier hobor the SS Leibstandarte fights in every major conflict from the Eastern front to the battle of the bulge. It seems like a first year film student had access to a re-enactment club and combined this fiilm a juvenile script and inexperienced, perhaps no experienceacting.

There is no argument about this lekbstandarte Nazi ideology, from either side German or otherwise. There wasn’t much character development for all but a handful of the SS soldiers, and not surprisingly the writers chose to focus on an individual soldier who was not the most gung-ho Nazi to begin with, Herckel.


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Every SS unit carried out multiple executions on civilians, when Ym watch this German propaganda view how SS mans from 1st Adolf Hitler division was brave and kindjust remember 6 millions of people was killed in just six year in Polandmostly by SS. And it’s too bad that it was not developed in time to drop on Berlin and wipe out Hitler and his pals. Goofs When the SS unit moves to France to counter the Allied invasion, the title reads “Normandy ” when in fact the invasion was in June Poor acting, awful loylty effects, wrong in every way.

If you can become the soldier and feel the story, then the movie is a good watch. Despite other, accurate reviews on this board, I found the film watchable until the very end when I was to believe that a group of SS soldiers were just there to defend their homeland from being invaded by others.

Lastly, the voice overs could have been a lot better also but just grin and hknor your imagination. They do a creditable job, but don’t expect them to deliver the kind of riveting and convincing performances top-level professional actors are capable of. We certainly need a good movie from the German side, even a few more narratives Poor production, the most apologist German thing I’ve ever seen.

Herschel is troubled by this act, but returns to his outfit anyway. I have had a good number lekbstandarte movies I just could not stomach to watch fully but I decided to watch it fully.

My Honor Was Loyalty () – IMDb

My Honor Was Loyalty: Trivia Both the panther tank and tiger tank are reproductions based off of the Russian T tank. But the real danger is diminishing the shocking atrocity that was the massive German killing machine. Here we have such a film; one – unfortunately – where the author naively uses complex concepts like truth, reality, history, nature just to name a few and aims at being a-political while dealing with the most influential event of our world: Attempting to whitewash this at the level this film does is irresponsible.


Bad only truly exists in the fictional world. It is sad because he is no different than any other common man in any other country that is forced to fight for causes that he truly does not know or understand. These were evil murderous jackboot thugs.

If you cannot take amature movies do not watch it, It is about a soldier in the Waffen SS and his story but with a twist at the end. The SS were selected men, all volunteers, who adhered to a certain ideology and are noted for a long list of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Why FBI did not stop its distribution?

My Honor Was Loyalty

There is no portrayal of the Nazi death camps, or any real hint of the ethnic cleansing going on in Eastern Europe. The Second World War.

Fiercely loyal to his country and his brothers in arms, loved by his men, Herckel will face his greatest battle yet when he discovers the truth about the Nazi regime.

Has anyone seen this?

There are no good guys That said, I started this movie expecting to waste a couple of hours on another stupid war flick. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!