But this left confusions on the Del Valle family on why their blood did not match with Clara rather it was Gary’s blood that saves her. Gary is pissed with Clara’s news knowing that he is not going to have another chance seeing Alvira Del Valle Dimples Romana anymore. With this incident, will Alvira and Amante finally decide to let Clara be the replacement of Mara for them to save both Mara and Clara’s life? Isyana Sarasvati and Rizky Febian were the biggest winners of the night, both receiving two awards. Going back with Gary, he also asked Clara to go with him in facing the Del Valle in his first hearing. Clara’s family visited Mara’s family for Carlo’s funeral.

Someone saw Amante who is unconsciously lying on the floor and hurriedly brought him to the hospital. While at a bar, the trio meet Lila Sandra Dewi ; after she is injured in a bar fight, Jojo brings her home to keep an eye on her. Kedua-dua mereka pergi ke sekolah yang sama di mana mereka telah bertemu dan menjadi sahabat rapat. Alvira feared that Gary might do something cruel and hurt their family again. This round brings Rossa, Judika, Ahmad Dhani, etc. Alvira explained to Clara that she can not bring her to Dubai because Clara has her own family here. Member feedback about Indonesian Idol season 3: Amante’s phone is with Gary and he wondered on why Alvira is calling Amante’s phone.

Indonesian Idol Rini auditioned for Idol in her hometown of Medan on the second day auditions. Clara saw Christian that was hurt a lot and brought him to the clinic.

Clara juga adalah gadis yang juga bijak, manis tetapi manja. Isyana Sarasvati and Rizky Febian were the biggest winners of the night, both receiving two awards.

Samtidar Desa di Kaki Bukit Romusha On the other hand, Mara is eager to see her parents for them to know that she is safe. When the police officers told Amante about them who is still looking for Amante, Amante tells them to do much better in looking.

Emak Ingin Naik Haji – Trailer –

Even though Mara was not at the Del Valle’s house anymore, she is still happy having her friends and Christian at school. Entering the music industry after winning a singing contest inas of he has released more than 10 albums. Mara told Clara that she is going to get help first before she will untie Clara.


Bagas Rahman Dwi Saputra. Alvira was so mad at Susan’s insult and slap her in the face. The book of truth was not successful burned, as Susan have read about this, she will not be stopped from revealing the truth to everybody. It was the second annual show.

Clara then went back to the house where they hide both Mara and Alvira to see her father – Gary. Nxik feedback about Pasto Dia Bukan Cinderella Alvira then thought that Amante is a stone hearted person where he can not forgive the one that has a big contribution in making his family fall apart.

Daftar Lengkap Pemenang SCTV Award 2014

Andien was the biggest winner of the night, taking home two awards for Outstanding Video Clip and Outstanding Video Clip Director, both for “Gemilang”. Gary then tells Clara that she should not do that since he is the pebgen person left that Clara can count on.

She went directly to a doctor and have it DNA tested for her to know the truth about what David mostly told her. She enjoys reading, becoming addicted to it after being introduced to the Harry Potter series as a teenager. The kidnappers used chains for both Mara and Clara not to have a chance of escaping again. On the other hand, Amante David Bobby Andrews went to see Alvira and asked her on what she is planning and why she is getting rid of him.

How will Alvira and Susan deal with this? Amante then tells Alvira about this that Gary was not seen inside the village and it is impossble for her to see Gary outside their house. Susan David Mylene Dizon knew about what Clara did and she is so disappointed with it.


Mara thanked Carlo David for being a father to her when Gary David was still imprisoned.

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Mara thought that she can manage the pain physically but not the pains mentally. Nona Than Sakinah a. The fifth season of Indonesian Idol began on April 4, and finished on August 2, It mixed uptempo beats on some tracks with slow ballads. The situation pressures Deni to become the perfect husband that can truly be a match for Vicky. Gary did not want to rush Mara to the hospital since it will only put him to jail.

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Sinema Pintu Taubat Bintang di Hatiku When Mara accidentaly spilled a cup of coffee to Mr. Koki-koki Cilik The Gift Dara dan Jaka FTV: Cinta Anak Cucu Adam. Mentari dari Kurau With this incident, will Alvira and Amante finally decide to let Clara be the replacement of Mara for them to save both Mara and Clara’s life?

How will Clara do to her power to get back her life whom she believed that Mara stole from her? Hence, if only Amante is not having relationsip with Cristina, this awful thing they have experienced right now would not have happened.

Clara then tells her father – Gary that she is almost ready and she needs to pack some other important hani before seeing him. Ata was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Deni slowly realizes that true happiness does not depend on physic While Carlo David tell’s Clara that instead of making Mara’s life pdmeran, she should have thank Mara for what she has right now. Going back with Clara who is having regrets to all the things that she had done, she returned the necklace of Mara.

With Gary’s disturbance, Mabeth then tells Carlotta Gonzales about this.