Figures released by the African Development Bank show an increase in Moroccan tourism. However, what about travellers who drop into Morocco and blog about it? The View from Fez team started with a selection of sushi, served with a bowl of miso soup and a salad. The book, in English, focuses on the strategies adopted in each country to include women and minorities and ensure respect for cultural diversity. Now we understand he is taking a crash course in royal etiquette and hunting for a suitable outfit to wear. There are lots of beautiful women in Marrakech—more than in Fez. The oil is also used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, arthritis, obesity, acne and other skin conditions. Orange flower buds for sale at Saghra market With sunny weather and temperatures in the low twenties Celsius forecast for the next week, spring is definitely in the air.

You will find their blog here: KILO has worked on a vast range of programs and scales encompassing museums, luxury hotels and resorts, social housing, sports complexes, and master plans for both existing and new cities. Sunday, March 16, An amazing house in Morocco. This figure fell to 54 theatres and 77 screens in With regard to the beginning of the season for the Moroccan melons, Trevisan says: The similarity, I argue, is due to the fact that like Ibn Khaldun, these Europeans had philosophical training and asked the same questions about the nature of society and trajectory of history as he did. On social networks, Arabic dialects are often written in Latin characters and the Arabic letters that are difficult to transcribe, because of pronunciation are replaced by numbers in their spelling.

The opening performance ran for an hour and a half, with the magicians performing illusions and tricks to the amazement of an audience of young students.

Projection «Les indestructibles II» à l’Imax de Casablanca

Seating and Ticketing Seats are not reserved. However, possible Barbary lion descendants that can be traced back to the Royal Lion Collection of the King of Morocco, have been located in zoos and circus populations within the last three decades. Owner of Cafe Clock.

Full of acoustic, natural sound, it’s the calm voice reflecting how all that freedom feels. The weather in December is still nice —so you can still swim and do lots of things. Embed this content in your HTML. As one shop owner complained “In short, the city is being transformed into a giant open-air hypermarket”.

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Combining beautiful traditional costumes, henna decoration and amazing locations, the experience will be more than simply a photographic souvenir. You can contact English-speaking Naima at the ticketing agency: Though I had nothing but big bills to offer him for fare, I of course gave him one and insisted that he keep the change, but Moroccans will always be far better bargainers than I, and my offer was resolutely rejected.


So we took bets as to how such a story could come into existence and why any self-respecting sub-editor or even lowly journalist would bother. FezMedina GossipSocial. Vu is, when regimes became addicted to such useless mebarama, they were on the descending slope icnema the bell curve of the rise and fall of tribal states.

Le Matin – Faouzi Bensaidi rafle cinq Prix du palmarès du FNFT

The Fes Forum is held on the first five mornings of the festival ie Saturday to Wednesday ; venue to be announced. While listing the pros of producing melons in Morocco, Trevisan indicates: With regard to the beginning of the season for the Moroccan melons, Cinemx says: There were other taxis nearby, so I rushed to one of them and asked if the driver if he knew that taxi.

Image from Leila’s Les Marocains series. The Medina of Fez bears a living witness to a flourishing city of the eastern Mediterranean having exercised considerable influence on the development of architecture, monumental arts and town-planning, mwgarama in North Africa, Andalusia and in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Fez Sacred Music festival – Higlight 1. Or simply sit and let the ripples of pleasure course through my sweet trembling bod. Well, modestly, my own, but the best protramme study currently available is the recent well-written and insightful work by Syed Farid Alatas, a sociologist in Singapore.

The book also sheds light on the close links between democratisation, human rights and cultural diversity in the North African states. Etisalat has said it is still interested in Morocco after losing out in the bidding for the Spanish and Portuguese stakes last year. Not cos they liked it, I hasten to add. So startled was one invitee that he thought the entire thing was a hoax. But these delays are beyond our control.

They now have a beautiful mosaic fountain to remind them of their heritage. Not a modern bricks and mortar construction, but traditional adobe. The pardon on the imprisonment term and the fine sentences benefited two people, while 50 people had their fine sentences cancelled. They are committed to presenting a diversity of voices and ideas both from within and outside of Europe — that could often be in pprogramme disagreement with one another — with the aim of achieving a balanced dialogue between different stakeholders and constituencies.


Sunday, January 15, Jazzablanca Festival in April. After several years of living in Fez, Helen Ranger has a well-used mantra that cine,a mutters to herself when travelling in a petit taxi.

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Even if you have run dozens of 26 mile marathons, this does not mean that you will automatically find the MdS easy – either way you will be planning to do lots of training prior to the MdS. While Morocco currently has a monopoly of the world production of argan oil, there is a threat from the intensive cultivation of argan in Israel. COM is a publication that seeks to explain complex issues in an easy-to-understand manner.

Anyway, then Tariq pulled a bread and butter pudding out of the oven. He was the first scholar in any civilization to do so. Based on a popular video game, the preparation for the film is well under way. The Festival of Andalusian Music is considered one of the major artistic events organised in Fez in order to promote and sustain cultural heritage.

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Several readers have written saying it is hard to find out where to and how to buy tickets to the Festival in English. On Monday morning on Moroccan radio, a speaker suggested the need to publish mmegarama names and photographs of drivers, others proposed to affix ” Hmar ” stickers on ciema vehicles.

Tuesday, January 17, Fez Forecast These two ensembles will join forces with Kiya and Ziya Tabassian for a concert entitled ‘Canti di a Terra’. The Royal Family make their primary residence here.

A suprise was an extra course of briouates b’stilla pastry parcelsone with fish and the other a blander soft cheese and cabbage. Another 30 convicts had the remaining of their imprisonment terms annulled or reduced and 10 people had their prison terms annulled, with the maintenance of the fine.

This year the Fes Rencontre forum brings academics, philosophers, politicians and priests together to examine the role of the sacred in modern life. Two round-table discussions will be held which will examine synergies between film exhibition, distribution and festivals, as well as the link between cinema and literature.