All the while, Baek-mae remains ignorant of this latest development, and feels pride in her son. We stay solidly in Joseun until the last couple of minutes of runtime, at which point we see Seoul re-grow on the green slopes of Hanyang, reversing the transformation scene of in ep 1, and we are back in the study of that modern writer called Wol Hee, no less, whose voice we have been hearing as narrator throughout, and who has this to her unaccountable but plainly all-consuming fascination with recovering the traces of Illjimae. Yong wakes up in considerable pain but a lot of determination. Ruo He teases her for drooling on his shoulder, Shen Xue protests that he could never get the sauce for the BBQ either. Shi Hoo and others is there as security personnel and animal disturber, serving a function usually left to foxhounds in the UK. Dani would like to stay with Shi Hoo, but decides that Yong is more important at the moment.

It’s been said before but just to let you know: Aww, our Yongi has so many friends. His hard work is definitely paying off. Ji Hoon tetap marah dan merasa tersinggung akibat ulah Tomoko. The boss orders them to go fetch the chickens. The next scene is so funny because Bong Soon drags him somewhere and forces him against a wall — but we know he can knock her over if he wanted to. Jun Ki I think he has done his best but the.

Sinopsis Iljimae [The Phantom Thief]

sinopsie Hingga suatu ketika Ji Hoon menerima email dari Tomoko dan perjumpaan demi perjumpaan pun terjadi sehingga mengawali intrik-intrik cinta dalam film ini. Setelah menyadari bahwa telah keliru menangkap orang, Tomoko berusaha untuk meminta maaf kepada Ji Hoon setelah meninggalkan kantor polisi. Iljimae tosses the scroll into the fire, and Yang-po makes a move to grab it out, but stops himself. Like I watched “Iljimae” and absolutly loved it, then I noticed “T. They climb up to the old plum tree, and she tells him about her encounter with Kyum, lljimae him that he was her first love.

I love this drama! But getting to my main point with this comment, This series started off in what seems like present day korea and then spoke of How there have been iljimae’s all throughout history and then went back to the past and the story is progressing, but my concern is since there is 24 episodes will they go upto like 24 with the current story or will they jump back to the present time like how it started.


As for learning Korean, Kdramas are a great help, but I wouldn’t advise you to start with this or any other Saeguk, whether fusion, semi-fusion like this or pure. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She gets on the horse, eisode notices plum blossom petals fluttering around in the air. Shi Wan comes with news of the recently deceased minister Kim, who was obviously killed but Byun Shik covers it up as an accident. Iljimae stops the messenger on his way 71 and gives him a letter, saying that this is from Gil-young to Lord Kwon.

I think that you must watch again, he does not rub that hard on his lips and before that, he also spit from his mouth.

Shedding angry tears, Iljimae despairs that his plan went wrong — he thought they would stop if he gave them a warning, but instead things escalated. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe He kills without pause or mercy.

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Is it just me, or is episoe Kim Hyun-joong as a pure white stallion metaphor particularly hilarious? Besides, I hope to read this manhwa, ROI is a excellent one but sometimes I feel there are some empty spaces during the drama, may be cause it was made from book: Ji Hoon tetap marah dan merasa tersinggung akibat ulah Tomoko. Gil Dong cared about society on a philosophical level, whereas Iljimae never aspired to be more than one person doing what he can to right specific wrongs.

Epiode stunning is that gloat…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Everyone will busy with their studies or work. Kudos to him, as well as the writier and PD.

He pretends to be useless and nice but is quite sharp when he wants to be, which makes it an even bigger shame that he is okay with making his own people miserable in favour of staying in power. Email Address never made public. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Your email address will not be published. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


We might not meet again. Shi Hoo and others is there as security personnel and animal disturber, serving a function usually left to foxhounds in the UK.

SINOPSIS Iljimae Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

If anyone wants some of my reccomendations just ask. Btw, Chi Woo is the worst, the way he dressed like Zoro that does not fit with korean drama, and the story’s very boring, too. Join 61 other followers Sign me up! Notify me of new comments via episide. Hey I really hope i get a responce to this comment, I am really starting to rack my brain out simopsis how is this going to end out. They then get in the car and runs to the market to get the sauce and succeeds for once. Except Shi Hoo knows his mother is Dani, and figures it out.

Shi Wan looks on, and spots Yong. I am up to episode 11 right now. In the forest, Iljimae reads the scroll again, and Yang-po finds him extremely disturbed at its contents. Dia bertemu dengan Iljimae karena kebetulan dan memujanya atas apa yang dilakukan oleh Iljimae walaupun dirinya tidak pernah melihat wajah dari Iljimae. Thank you for the recap!

He brushes sinosis off by stating that she should leave with her father before she gets herself in trouble polite and gentle. When he gets there, the alehouse is 71 a huge profit on the theme of Iljimae, serving plum blossom wine and having all its wine servers dress like Iljimae.

Iljimae appears on a roof right next to the port and looks on. More peasants cluster at the front of the gates. Just as everything is immersed in this cliche happiness, a slipper flies towards Zi Cong.