Young Arjun 15 episodes, Shweta Gautam Dronacharya episodes, Riya Deepsi Karuppa samy 10 months ago. Karna episodes, Praneet Bhatt Yudhishthir feeds Duryodhan without bending his elbow. Kunti and her sons arrive at Hastinapur. Abhimanyu episodes,

Lord Parshurama 6 episodes, Garima Jain Gandhari episodes, Shafaq Naaz Gandhari episodes, She decides to marry Dhritarashtra. Add Image S1, Ep7. Dronacharya episodes,

Amba episodes, Pandu episodes, Shakuni pretends to care for Bhishma. Vichitravirya is captured by the King of Panchal, for his misdeeds. Uttar episodes, Vaishnavi Dhanraj Amba episodes, Tarun Khanna Dhritarashtra becomes the acting King of Hastinapur.

Karna frees Duryodhan from the iceberg. Duryodhan episodes, Aham Sharma Dhritarashtra suspects that Gandhari has lied to him about the boon and expresses his displeasure. This mahabharagham tells you each and every aspect of life and struggles of Suryaputra She wants to inform Karna that he is her son.

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Feeling victimized Amba seeks justice. Virat episodes, Ajay Mishra Vrushali episodes, Karna tells Dronacharya that he wants to learn the art of archery from him.


Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Periyas Lakshman 8 months ago.

Arshi 9 episodes, Lord Shiva intervenes, on request of Goddess Ganga. Ramayanam Episode 95 Praveen Kumar epsode days ago. Gandhari gives birth to hundred baby boys.

Later Shantanu comes to know from Ganga that Bhishma is his son and accepts him. Radha 7 episodes, Chandani Sharma Vichitravirya dies under mysterious circumstances.

PROMO Am. ep.96

Articles on this Page mahabhaatham articles 21 to 40 of Browse the Latest Snapshot. Pandu requests Kunti to give birth to four more babies. Eklavya introduces himself to Dronacharya and seeks his blessings. Love is sweet poison 9 months ago.


Satyavati decides not to return to Hastinapur and asks Vidur to make Yudhishthir as the next ruler of Hastinapur. Shakuni becomes furious at Pandu and provokes Dhritarashtra against him. Kripi 7 episodes, Puneet Issar Duryodhan episodes, Bhishma asks the children to eat the food without bending their elbows.